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Apply for a grant

Grants Coins-586A government grant can kick start your new business.
Business Grants

business-grants-147Whether you’re an established business or a startup about to launch a new venture, there are a number of sources of funding available to help you get off the ground or pursue a particular project or expansion opportunity. Business Grants come in many forms and from a variety of sources – the European Union offer a number of grant opportunities while some are part of government or local authority initiatives and others come from private sources, such as charities. See the business grants and website grants pages for further information.

Educational Grants

Educational GrantsEntering further or higher education can be an expensive business, whether you’re going to university for the first time or a mature student looking to re-train or pursue a subject you’re interested in. There are a number of grant opportunities available to many students, to help with paying tuition fees or general living costs. Education Grants are available from the government in two different forms – Maintenance and Special Support Grants – or from private sources and institutions, through bursaries, scholarships and awards. Grants do not have to be paid back so it is well worth taking a look to see if you are eligible.

Home Generation Grants

Home ImprovementsEnergy is big business these days and with household bills rising year on year, we’re all looking for ways to make things easier. Harnessing the power of nature to generate your own energy is becoming an increasingly popular solution and there are a number of ways to do this, through technology such as solar panels, wind turbines and air/ground source heat pumps etc. The government are encouraging everyone to think a little greener, use less energy and make the best use of what’s available, so it is possible to get some funding for schemes that make the best use of natural energy. These generally come in the form of grants for wind turbines or solar panels. Energy that your home produces that doesn’t get used can be sold back to the national grid, giving you the potential to earn some extra cash.

Home Improvement Grants

The big news for home improvement grants has been the introduction of the government’s new Green Deal scheme, which is designed to make it easier for us all to make our homes more environmentally friendly. All types of insulation, boiler repairs and upgrades, and even new double glazing are available through the scheme, as well as some special funding for people with particular circumstances and certain types of property. The Green Deal scheme works through your existing energy bills and any improvements made must cost less than the amount saved in the long run, so it’s definitely something worth looking in to. If you are already receiving certain benefits or live in a particular area, you may also be eligible for special ECO Funding, which would enable you to get the works done for free.

Other Grants

There are government grant schemes available for all types of activities, enterprises and schemes. If it’s good for the environment, has the potential to push forward innovation or create jobs, there’s probably some funding you can apply for to make it happen. Have a look through this section for up to date news on what’s available – it might even give you a few ideas for your next project or business idea!