Educational Grants

Do you qualify for an education grant?


Taking out a student loan tends to be the immediate thought when considering funding for further education but there are many student grants available that often go overlooked. Grants come in different forms and are awarded for a variety of reasons, and the good thing about them is that, unlike a student loan, they don’t have to be paid back. …

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What money can you get? Students 2012/13

Students who start university or college on or after 1 September 2012 (academic year 2012/13) will be on a new student finance scheme. The main changes are: universities and colleges can charge tuition fees of up to £9,000 Tuition Fee Loans will go up to cover the higher fees you don’t start repaying your loan until you earn £21,000 (up …

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Grants for students

Grants are available to full-time students to help with living and study costs. You don’t pay grants back. There are two different types of grants  you can apply for, it could be Maintenance Grant or Special Support Grant. There are Maintenance and Special Support Grants available to full-time students starting their course after 1 September 2012 (academic year 2012/13). If …

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Grants and bursaries for adult learners

Depending on your circumstances and the course you’re doing, you may be able to get financial help through a grant. Grants don’t have to be paid back. Bursaries are similar to grants but are usually linked to a particular career or type of course – like Dance and Drama Awards or residential bursaries. Grants Adult Learning Grant (ALG) You could …

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Government Funding Available Now

Need money to finance your developing or established UK business? Want to get a grant or a loan for new equipment, fixtures, renovations, training and advertising or to hire staff? See examples of grant and loan recipients from your region in our grant recipients section.

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