Free Insulation

Running alongside the government’s Green Deal initiative, the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) scheme offers free energy improvements to those on low incomes or living in disadvantaged communities. Through different parts of the main scheme, it is possible to receive free insulation and boiler repairs and upgrades.

The Carbon Saving Community Obligation

Under the main banner of the ECO, the Carbon Saving Community Obligation (CSCO) is a piece of legislation that requires the major energy suppliers to help those living in areas of low income improve the energy efficiency of their homes. These improvements are being carried out through two main initiatives – either by exploring connections to district heating schemes, where available, or by improving and upgrading the insulation to individual homes.

These insulation improvements will be the most widely used, with solid wall, cavity wall and loft insulation all available for free through the scheme, depending on what best suits the individual building. In order to make sure those most at need are reached, the CSCO scheme is targeting households that fall within specific postcodes, then offering an assessment of your property to see what work can be done.

Do I qualify for free insulation?

It can be quite complicated to work out if you are eligible for ECO funding – it depends on what measures your house needs, where you live and if you are receiving any benefits. If you are unsure you can complete the following no obligation application form and one of our operators will contact to you soon to clarify the requirements.

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