Free solar panels

solar-panels-590Free solar panels for home use are becoming very popular amongst UK home-owners. They are offered by investment companies who are prepared to pay for the installation, upkeep and insurance of the panels so you get as much free electricity as your roof can generate.

So, why are they offered, free?

The Feed In Tariff is paid to the owner of the panels. In the case of panels supplied free, this will be the installer and/or an investor who will take the tariff payments for themselves. This means the more electricity you generate and use, the more the investment company gets paid by the government.The advantage to you is that you have no outlay and you will benefit from lowered energy bills and will not need to maintain the system yourself.

The disadvantage is that you will not receive the Feed In Tariff for yourself.

To compare the benefits of free Vs paid systems, please visit the “Free Vs Paid” page at

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