How to get a website grant

If you are hoping to qualify for a website grant or funding for your web site, your site will have to successfully fulfil a number of criteria. First of all it will need to prove itself financially sustainable in the long run, this means that its ongoing expenses for years to come need to be covered. You will need to prepare a carefully detailed mission statement including a budget outlining the initial setup costs as well as ongoing ones. One of the main criteria the funding agencies will be looking for is that your site will be informative and valuable to potential users and appropriately linked to relevant information sites, It’s important that you realise there is  a great deal of competition for a very limited amount of funding so your site has to stand out from the others if it is to stand a chance of being approved for a funding grant. There will only be funding available for the first year after your site has been set up so you will need to show how it will be able to sustain itself for years to come. This is a most important point a lot of applicants fail to give adequate attention to. Ideally, you need to be directly selling a product or service on some part of your site and also look into having some strategically placed ads through Google AdSense or Amazon, for instance. You will need to view the site as part of a business start up and look for assistance from agencies such as local authorities, Business Link, Business Gateway, The Design Trust and Big Wales (if you live in Wales).

For further information please take a look at our government grants, website grants and business grants pages or fill in the contact form for more specific requests.

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